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AcoustiCork products provide the thinnest profile, most effective and lowest installed cost per sq. ft. in Sound Control Products for Hard Surface Flooring and now Vinyl & Resilient Flooring.
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Cork Information
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Cork Information

AcoustiCORK™ – Green Building Initiatives Advantages

AcoustiCORK™ products meet many of the key criteria of the organizations that promote and support green building initiatives.
The use of AcoustiCORK™ products in your project can help it qualify for credit points under the LEED™ GREEN BUILDING RATING SYSTEM in the following areas:

  • MR 4.1

5% Recycled Content of total building materials
(post consumer + ½ of post industrial)

  • MR 4.2

10% Recycled Content of total building materials
(post consumer + ½ of post industrial)
(AcoustiCORK products are approx. 85% post industrial recycled content by weight)

  • MR 6

Specifying rapidly renewable building materials for 5% of total building materials.
(Cork bark renews in 9 year cycles)

  • MR 7

The Use of a minimum of 50% of wood-based materials certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.
(FSC Certified Content AcoustiCORK Available)

  • EQ 4.1

Low Emitting Materials Adhesives & Sealants
(Adhesives Specified meet SCAQMD Rule1168)

  • EQ 4.4

Composite wood or agri-fiber products must contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins.


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